Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester - MHV-100 series

MHV-100 Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
(with a large screen)

Main FeaturesMHV-100 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester made with a unique and precise design in the field of mechanics, optics and light source is able to produce a clearer indentation and hence a more precise measurement. By means of a 20X lens and a 40Xlens the tester has a wider measurement field and a broader usage range. Equipped with a digital microscope, it shows the measuring methods, the test force, the indentation length, the hardness value, and the dwell time of the test force as well as the number of the test force as well as the number of the measurement shown on its LCD screen. Besides, it has such functions as registering the date, and measuring results, treating the data, outputting the information with the printer, and carrying out the operations of directly showing the measure number, exchanging the scales among the 17 scales, putting the data into the bank and linking to RS232 interface and to the digital camera and CCD pick up camera with a threaded interface. The instruments is, therefore, quite advanced and representative of the products of the same kind in the country.The present tester, equipped with a pickup camera, can take photos of the indentation and the metallurgical composition of the materials.

Usage Range
Ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals, IC thin sections, coating, ply-metals;
Glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones;
Hardness testing such as that on the depth and the trapezium of the carbonized layers and quench hardened layers.

Technical Features
1.Test force:
(0.098,0.246,0.49,0.98,1.96,2.94,4.90,9.80) N(10,25,50,100,200,300,500,1000) gf
2.Carriage Control: automatic (loading/holding-up of load/unloading)
3. Amplification of the Microscope: 200X, 400X
4.Dwell Time of the Test Force: (5-60)S
5.Min Graduation Value of the Testing Drum Wheel: 0.0625 um
6.Testing Field: 1HV-2967HV
7.Dimension of the XY Table: 100 X 100 mm
8.Movement Field of the XY Table: 25 X 25 mm
9.Max.heigth of the specimen: 70mm
10.Max.wideth of the specimen: 95mm
11.Output: installed with a printer and a Rs232 serial interface
12.Light source: old light source
13.Power Supply: 110V/220V, 60/50Hz
14.Dimension: (425 X 245 X 490) mm

Main accessories
1. XY-stage test table
2. Thin specimen test table
3. Fork-shaped test table
4. Fine wire test table
5. Adjustable screw
6. 10X Digital Micro Lens
7. Micro Vickers hardness blocks (Higk medium)
8. Level